Special details & terms of reservation:

1. NO LICENCE is required in order to rent a vessel under 30hp.

2. It is forbidden to rent a vessel under the age of 18 years.

3. In a day’s rent you must have returned before sunset.

4. It is necessary that you be informed and follow the safety regulations.

5. The vessels are insured towards third parties.

6. Navigation rules must be followed. Information leaflets are located on each vessel.

7. Maximum distance from the shore must not exceed 3 NM

8. Maximum number of people allowed on the vessel varies and you can be informed on the link Boats to rent (gallery).

9. Bookings can be made by paying on the internet or by depositing a sum money on the company premises.

10. In case of cancellation the money is not refundable.

11. In case of bad weather and sailing prohibition by the port authorities , the booking money is not refundable and you are able to sail on the next possible day.

12. Before entering the boat please check for any previous damages.

13. You must pay for any engine or material damages that might occur during your rental of the vessel.

14. When you board the vessel the state of the equipment must be checked.

15. You will have to pay for any loss of the equipment during your stay on the vessel.

16. The hirer has full responsibility for both the vessel and any harm of the passengers.

17. On the day of the rental you will have to provide an identification card copy.

18. If you have made a booking through our website, please bring with you a copy of the form provided to complete the rental process.

19. Fuel is not included in the rental price.

20. Circuit-rent is not responsible for any loss of your personal belongings during the rental period.

21. The personal information that you fill in the booking form must be real and accurate.