Vourvourou gives you the opportunity to taste all the wonders of the world.
A velvet breeze moves the oxygen from the Vourvourou mountain towards the incredibly beautiful beaches,
until it reaches a marvelous group of islands, the largest of which is Diasporos island, that form a natural bay.
Vourvourou is 120km on the national road of Thessaloniki to Sithonia.
It belongs to the municipality of the village Agios Nikolaos of the municipality of Sithonia.
The nearest airport is “ Makedonia” in Thessaloniki. On average, it takes about 1h& 15min to reach it. Vourvourou is 12km far from village agios Nikolaos and 8km from Ormos Panagias which is the port of the area.
All the beaches of the region are accessible.
The most famous and worth seeing places in vourvourou are, the group of islands,the largest of which is Diaporos Island (which you can visit with our company’s boats.),
Karidi one of the most beautiful beaches of Greece and the whole world(it is only 2km from
Vourvourou entrance and very close to its centre), the gorgeous lagoon of Livari(where many animals find refuge for some months of the year), the mountain slopes(which is an energy source) etc.
On the South of Vourvourou there are the villages Sarti and Sikia, on the north there is Agios Nikolaos, Ormos Panagias, Nikiti, Pirgadikia and Metagitsi.On the other side of the peninsula there is Neos Marmaras and Porto Koufo.
Transportation to vourvourou is carried out by coaches of the Halkidiki national coach service.For programmed trips please call +30 2371022309.
Most of The local people of Vourvourou during the summer season are from Agios Nikolaos which is a traditional village with a great cultural heritage as well as archaeological sites.
Lastly, this beautiful scenery looks wild during the winter months when the number of people is obviously smaller. However, this is the beauty of the place which keeps it in tune with nature.